Accurate, Interactive 3D Model of Any Property

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Accurately Plan and Estimate Every Project


Be confident in our measurements

HOVER’s measurements are accurate and reliable to quote any project. We provide you with all exterior measurements including roof, siding, windows, doors, brick, stone, trim and all other material types. Plus, specific line segments for corners, soffit, fascia and more.


Make decisions quickly and makes sure everyone is aligned

Our design features take out the guesswork by showing you exactly what your next project will look like. No masking required, with a click of a button create the perfect home and see what different products and colors will look like on an interactive 3D model.

Save Time & Money
Gain access to detailed exterior measurements for every facet of any home. Eliminate extra trips to the job site and provide a reliable estimate quickly.
Competitive Edge
Help homeowners discover new material and colors. Show them what their project will look like and gain instant credibility early in the sales process.
Win More Deals
Easily upsell homeowners on additional work or premium products. HOVER users typically see an average increase of 5-15% in their close rates.

How It Works


Photos are captured using the HOVER app and are automatically uploaded to the cloud. We ask you to take a minimum of 8 photos capturing every angle of the home and that’s it for you.


Once the photos are uploaded, HOVER’s patented technology transforms them into a fully measured and customizable 3D model. We notify you in app or via email when your deliverables are ready.


Access all measurements on the interactive 3D model in the mobile app or online. You can also export all measurements to a PDF or Excel file.


On the interactive 3D model you can use HOVER’s design features to change the roof, siding, windows and much more. You can also share a link to this 3D model with others to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Happy Customers
With HOVER's measurements, I can create a proposal in less than an hour. This process used to take almost three times longer when we used to hand measure.
Jim Hund
President, Vanguard Home Designs


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